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the future of hysteroscopy

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a low-cost, reusable advancement for mobile procedures

user-controlled direction

dynamic scope controls

ergonomic grip

self-contained unit

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connected. gynaecology. on-demand.

Creating a more connected future in gynaecological care with easy, affordable devices powered by telehealth, making quality care convenient for all women. Our platform elevates local GPs and clinics' expertise by connecting them to OB/GYN specialists, enabling faster diagnoses and reducing the burden on overworked specialists. We're transforming the way healthcare is delivered.

design-driven capabilities

01 Research and Insights

a. Situation Diagnosis

Critically assess market landscapes and conditions to uncover opportunities for innovation.

b. Ethnographic Probe

Deep dive into the practitioner and patient experience within practice environments.

c. User-needs State Analysis

Establish the most pressing requirements of practitioners and patients.

02 Device Design

a. Medical Device Engineering

Develop blueprints and systems for prospective device commercialisation in an array of fields.

b. Software Engineering

Design, develop, and test software for devices’ user-experience, data management, and security.

c. Rapid 3D Prototyping

Physical, scaled models of assembly parts for quick-fire product testing and pivoting.

03 Device Manufacturing

a. Design for Assembly

Optimise assembly parts to ease manufacturing assembly, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

b. Manufacturer Vetting

Screen manufacturers against industry standards to ensure high-quality production.

c. Project Management

Execute production in a timely manner with traceable key performance indicators.

04 Go-to-Market Strategy

a. Minimum Viable Product Design

Establish version 1 for commercialisation to satisfy needs and meet market standards.

b. Device Validation

Quality controls the end product with rigorous and interdisciplinary protocols for official approval.

c. Brand and Business Strategy

Construct revenue models, marketing plans, and brand identity systems for market penetration.

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